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facial aesthetic treatment

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Show Your Skin at its Best

Fulwll Dental Leads the way in Ethical, Facial Aesthetic Treatment.

Our mission is to promote clinical excellence in facial aesthetics; delivered in a safe environment, in minimally invasive way, to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes for patients.

We will give expert help and treatments to result in a radiant, fresh and natural looking skin.

Happy, satisfied patients are a result of quality treatment that we pride ourselves on delivering through properly trained, professional facial aesthetic clinicians. We offer a wide range of bespoke aesthetic treatments for patients throughout the North East. Treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal & lip fillers, skin peels and much more.

  • Facial Aesthetics - Skin Beauty
    Skin Beauty – Facial Aesthetic Treatment

    Refresh your Beauty

    As we age, gravity inevitably takes hold, and while a good exercise regime can help our bodies to fight against the sagging effects, the face can still be a giveaway.

  • Lip enhancements - facial aesthetic treatment
    Lip enhancements

    The Era of the Pout

    Lip enhancements are on the rise, whether due to celebrity endorsement or simply because it’s a quick and affordable way to refresh your look with little to no recovery time.

  • Face treatment - Anti-wrinkle injections
    Face Treatment

    Refresh your Face

    Anti-wrinkle injections are the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment. There are many reasons for its popularity but we find our patients love it because the procedure is quick, painless and the results are excellent.

“Correct training combined with CQC accredited clinical environments make the dentist an ideal choice of clinician for this exciting and growing field”

5 Reasons to Choose Facial Aesthetics at Fulwell Dental

  1. CQC accredited clinical environment.
  2. Dedicated central sterilisation room.
  3. Correctly trained, qualified and professional dentists.
  4. Thorough consultation, consent and review process.
  5. A comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, nerves, muscles and blood supply.

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