General Dentistry

Excellent oral hygiene starts with understanding your mouth. Our dental services focus on prevention of dental problems by helping patients choose courses of treatment that will improve and continually maintain their dental health as well as general well being.

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NHS Care

All clinically necessary treatment is provided through the NHS. As such all treatment that is needed to maintain healthy and pain-free gums, teeth and mouth, will be covered by the NHS. Fulwell Dental can provide all NHS treatment, with the exceptions of orthodontics and sedation.

Emergency Care

If you have a dental emergency, we will always try to have you seen by a dentist ASAP. We offer emergency appointments every day, and can often fit you in at short notice. Free pain advice is available on our website. All patients are welcome, you need not be registered beforehand. If we are not available then please contact NHS 111 without delay.

Out-of-hours Care

Outside of normal hours, our practice can still help you if you are in pain. First try to help yourself by taking painkillers, if you feel you can manage the problem until normal practice hours. If that is not possible then you can call NHS 111 for further advice at any time of day or night.

Our Standards

Looking for treatment outside the scope of the NHS?