Patient Experiences

Meet Alex

I have seen patients so happy after straightening their teeth at work and I was always conscious of mine. The first thing I'd look at in a photo was my teeth, but now I love them! I show them off to everyone and when patients want to know more; I happily tell them about my experience and show off my smile!
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Meet Debra

I came to Ryton Dental because I needed a new crown as I wasn’t able to smile. I now have the smile of my dreams, my crown and veneers are perfect. I totally love my smile, I feel so confident now and it is the best money I have ever spent.
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Meet Giles

I wasn’t very confident before my treatment. The procedure was much less painful than I expected and was very smooth. In fact, it was so quick; I couldn’t believe my implant was already in when the dentist told me!
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Meet Dennis

I was really unhappy as my teeth kept falling out so I came to Ryton Dental to get my dentures made. I have had false teeth for a long time and have never had as nice teeth as I do now. I feel confident and am overjoyed with my smile.
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Meet Julie

I had a terrible problem with bleeding gums, it really did affect my life and I didn’t know what I could do about it. Within three days, the bleeding literally stopped. This simple advice changed my life and I can’t thank the practice enough.
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Meet Francesca

I am so happy that I discovered Six-month smile. It took less time than expected. The braces were discrete which made me feel confident to wear them. I am very satisfied with my experience at Ryton Dental.
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